Il modello di Business della tua azienda aiuta l’Innovazione?

Spesso ci si chiede come sviluppare una cultura innovativa. Questo articolo mette in luce come il modello di business che l’azienda sceglie di perseguire sia un ottimo strumento per permettere all’innovazione di permeare l’azienda.

Il modello di business è ciò che detta l’esecuzione della strategia e spesso trova barriere culturali che non permettono di attuare tutto quello che il piano prevede. Ma il management ha a disposizione alcune leve per ribaltare la situazione: “sfruttare” quindi la cultura aziendale a favore dello sviluppo del piano di business che si è deciso di sviluppare è più facile di quanto si possa pensare.

The question we asked was: How do you make an innovation focus work inside of an existing business model or models?

The answer:  By merging “culture rules” with “business model.”


(….) The challenge for any business when considering the importance of building and nurturing an innovation culture is in understanding the difference between business model and culture rules.  (…)  But, the challenge for most businesses is not choosing between their existing business model and a more innovative culture — it is in merging the two together.

In fact, bringing together a business model and innovative culture rules is not as difficult as it might seem. Consider the following table we use to distinguish the operative norms for production and for innovation:


Business Rules
(for innovation)

  1. Break rules and dream
  2. Open doors and listen
  3. Trust and be trusted
  4. Seek fairness, not advantage
  5. Experiment & iterate together
  6. Err, fail, and persist
  7. Pay it forward

Business Rules
(for production)

  1. Excel at your job
  2. Be loyal to your team
  3. Work with those you can depend on
  4. Seek a competitive edge
  5. Do the job right the first time
  6. Strive for perfection
  7. Return favors

(…) The trick is in bringing your business model requirements into an innovation framework, rather than the other way around.  Innovation rules become the driver of business model (production) outcomes.

Of course, growing an innovation culture is a long-term and rather complex thing, but here are three quick ways you can begin influencing your business model through innovation.

PEOPLE:   Challenge your management team to bring innovative culture rules into their conversation.  Listen, rather than tell.  Encourage dreaming, to supplement reporting.  Develop ways to encourage trial and error and iteration, and then lead supportive conversations about failure.  (….)

STRATEGY:   Oftentimes, business strategies continue because of inertia, not because they are powerful.  Business leaders should bring innovation thinking and rules to all strategy conversations and planning.  Doing this will ensure that questions and challenges will be raised that might otherwise be missed.  (…)

COMPETITION:   Innovative thinking is a path to a better competitive positioning.  What that positioning might be will be organic and unique to each business, but poke a stick at positioning and you will usually find some variation of price or quality(…).

Developing an innovative culture does not mean compromising your business plan outcomes.  It means bringing innovation thinking into your business model. An innovative business culture is one that understands the risk of not taking risk and constantly looks for something beyond the status quo.  (…)

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