Introduzione a "Strumenti di visualizzazione per dare significato all’analisi"

Da un incontro SCIP alcuni consigli utili in merito agli strumenti di visualizzazione da utilizzare per dare significato e rendere più immediati i risultati dell’analisi di Market & Competitive Intelligence.

(…) Data visualization is what ties all these tools and techniques together, because without a clear illustration of what all this analysis actually means, and what it therefore implies for the person making the decision, it's all just words and numbers (8...)

(…) I’d be frustrated trying to do something in PowerPoint, such as creating organizational charts. That search brought up a tool called SmartDraw, the first “visual processor.” I use it all the time not only for org charts, but also to show the flow of information around a specific topic, or project management charts, or anything else that I can think up. That success drove my desire to find other tools that will make my job easier, like

The January 2014 LinkedIn Fellows question of the month was on data visualization. Here are some of the tools your fellow CI professionals recommended:

  • Tableau for analyzing data and creating graphics
  • NodeXL for creating network diagrams
  • Google Fusion Tables for network diagrams and other kinds of charts

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